Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is why you should be rooting for Kyle Busch

By Jayson D. Henry

There are plenty of racing fans out there who hate Kyle Busch. That is pretty apparent every time his name is announced over the loud speaker at any track. That was certainly apparent in Martinsville on Sunday. Although the loudness of the boobirds and the number of obscene gestures seems to be declining since he had his infamous run-in with the ever popular Dale Earnhardt, Jr. last year in Richmond.

Busch actually is the representation of the things so many fans say they want to see in their favorite NASCAR drivers. He is not afraid to show his feelings.

When his Nationwide Series crew cost him the race in Bristol he did not get out of his car and say it was a good points day because he finished in the Top 10. He got out of his car visibly upset.

The next day during a pit stop for the Sprint Cup race in Bristol he challenged his crew by saying, “OK, ladies. It’s time to man up now.” There was no politically correct there.

Also, Busch is not afraid to say what he thinks. If he wants to take a dig at Earnhardt, he does not veil it in some twisted language in the hopes that Junior Nation might not boo him the next weekend like so many other drivers do. He goes ahead and calls it like he sees it.

And the biggest reason of all to like him, he drives like a man possessed. He will go three wide to get through traffic where other drivers will sit back and wait a lap or two for everything to sort out. Those same drivers seem to never make the pass but instead get out of the car at the end of the day and blame their inability on the car and its being aero-tight in traffic.

Some may claim they don’t like him because he drives a Toyota. He drives a CoT like every other driver out there. That thing is no more a Toyota than it is an army tank.

Some say his ears are too big or some other silly remark about his looks. Most of those old guys everyone likes to remember so fondly from the good ole days weren’t exactly Brad Pitt either.

Busch is a winner. Now, I’m not sure why the collapse of last year’s Chase took place, but I’m betting it does not happen again.

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  1. I must say I agree with most of what you have said ,but I still think Kyle needs to fine tune he way he expresses his emotions.I don't think ever putting down your crew is a good idea-not very good for team morale.Today at the finish of the truck race he obviously didn't want to talk to any of the media, after something that he did caused him a chance of winning the race, giving him a 17th place finish. He at least should have manned up and said he screwed up rather than jumping out of his truck, running down the track and out the gate.